Competitive Team Gymnastics

Both recreational and competitive gymnastics programs promote strength, flexibility, endurance, confidence, fitness and fun. While recreational (non-competitive) programs are fitting for anyone, competitive programs usually require an invitation to join after being evaluated by a qualified coach.

When considering a child for a team program, coaches look for the following traits:

  • Physical Strength– the child​’s perform​ance​ strength exercises such as pull-ups, leg lifts, sprinting, push-ups, sit-ups,and hollow body holds.

  • Flexibility– the ​athlete’s body flex​ib​ility ​& ability to handle some of the requirements of gymnastics​.

  • Basic Skills–​ ​the ​athlete’s gymnastics fundamentals​, ​the ​athlete’s time​ spent in a class or pre-team program to master the basics​, properly performed basics ​, knowledge of basic gymnastics.

  • Motivation– the ​athlete’s perceived desire to learn and succeed.

  • Coach-ability– the ​athlete’s ability to​ listen to corrections and to apply ​corrections & the ​athlete’s wil​l​ing​ness to take a few steps back to fix old skills before learning new skills​.

  • Sportsmanship– ​whether th​e​ child​ will​ fit in with existing team members​,​ encourage the other athletes​, accept both success and defeat respectfully and graciously​.

The Prosper Athletic’s team is a USAG & TAAF competitive program with reasonable hours and positive reinforcement.