Super Kid Mia Freeman Prosper Athletic's Aqua Marine going to The Summit @ Walt Disney World

Super Kid: Mia Freeman From Prosper Athletics- Aqua Marine


"Spirit and heart make a young girl from Prosper a super kid this morning. Nine-year-old Mia is on the Prosper Athletics All-Star Cheer team. Her mom says it's a small cheer gym, and has only been around for two years but already Mia and team have been invited to compete in a big cheer competition. The Summit Championship happens next month at Disney World. Mom says she is so proud of Mia and all the girls on the team. In Prosper - they say "Small town, big heart." At Mia's gym - they say "Small gym, big heart." (Published Monday, Apr 16, 2018)" NBC 5

On March 4, 2018, Prosper Athletics' Youth Level 1 team, Aqua Marine, proved hard work pays off! Mia Freeman along with her Aqua Marine teammates- Bennett Stephens, Landry Cleveland, Reese Reynolds, Emma Bains, Brystalyn Buckley, Dellaney Walls, Alexis Smith, and Caitlyn Kucholtz received First Place and earned a coveted Bid to The D2 Summit at The ESPN Wide World of Sports in Walt Disney World. The Summit is a prestigious, invitation only All Star Cheer competition held once per year. Only the top 10% of programs across the nation receive the honor of earning an invitation. Aqua Marine earned their right to compete at Disney at the Spirit Celebration Dallas Mavericks Championship held at University of North Texas' "Super Pit" Coliseum.

Another notable achievement was the receipt of the coveted WOW Award by Emma Bains exclusively given at Spirit Celebration Competitions throughout the season. Emma was one of 13 award winners in her division with over 1,300 athletes. The "WOW" performance award is a highly coveted title that recognizes stand out talent at the Spirit Celebration competitions. The "WOW" award focuses on athletes with exceptional technique, and emerging talent. When you watch a competitive cheer routine, there are usually a few athletes that really catch your attention. It might be that they have hyperextended jumps with pointed toes, gorgeous flexibility in their stunts, or strong tumbling emphasized by excellent technique. These are athletes with skills that catch your attention and keep you focused on THEM! Whatever their obvious talent might be, when you watch that routine, you notice that your eyes are naturally drawn to that person and just one word comes to mind, “WOW”!

Super Kid Mia Freeman of Aqua Marine is Disney Bound. Check out NBC 5 showing her & Prosper Athletics some love!!

Along with Aqua Marine's great success at the Spirit Celebration Dallas Mavericks Championship, Prosper Athletics Senior Level 4.2 also won First Place and Grand Champion. Prosper Athletics Junior Level 3 Team Jade won First Place, Grand Champion, High Point for all of Level 3 teams, Best Tumbling and also earned a bid to compete at The D2 Summit at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Walt Disney World. The Sapphires, Prosper Athletics Junior Level 2 team, was the first Prosper Athletics All Star Cheer Team of the season to earn their Summit Bid. The Sapphire's qualified on January 14, 2018 at the Spirit Celebration National Championship held at The Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, TX.

Prosper Athletics Aqua Marine, Sapphires and Jade will be competing May 11-14, 2018 at The D2 Summit in Orlando, Florida. These athletes continue to work hours upon hours not only at team practices but also coming to extra classes and private lessons in order to prepare for their shot at The Summit. If you are interested in watching these teams in action, we would love to see you. Join us at one of our practices and help our teams prepare for the large crowds at The Summit.


Prosper Athletics- Steel- Senior Level 4.2, Jade- Junior Level 3 and Aqua Marine Youth Level 1 snapping a pic after a Clean Sweep @ Spirit Celebration's Dallas Mavericks Championship.


Prosper Athletics Sapphire's smile for the camera prior to their performance earning them a bid to The Summit @ Spirit Celebration's Nationals Championship.

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